Shipping and prices

German Shepherd walking on a leash with puppies sable and bi color



Here at Abbott's German Shepherds our prices range from $1,800-$2,800 for limited registration and for full registration is additional. The value of a puppy is based on the pedigree of the parents, how many litters the mother has had (we are able to get a better idea of the quality of off-spring when the mom has had 2 or more litters), and how old the puppy is.

If I have not posted the price of the litter with the litter pictures please contact me for the information.

Occasionally I have an older puppy that will be individually priced according to training or showing that may have been done on the individual dog.

I do give discounts if the dog is being purchased for service work, 4-H projects, or if more then one puppy is purchased either at the same time or as a return customer.

Shipping: If your puppy needs to be shipped the cost is as follows:

Crate $35-$65 -depending on size needed.

Vet inspection health cert. $50 - required by the airline.
Airline fee $250-$350 -this is an average and varies according to destination. If you are willing to drive to a larger airport, the cost will be less than at a smaller more remote area.

You do need to check with the regulations of your individual state to find out if there are any extra requirements for the importing of an animal. You do not want to find this out after your puppy is shipped and you are wanting to take them home.
We have had great experiences with the airlines shipping our puppies. I do not believe that it is overly hard on them and the airlines staff generally loves to see puppies and treats them well. It is a little stressful for the puppy but any transition from the smells of one family to another is stressful, but you as the puppy's new family can do a lot to comfort him/her and help him/her adjust. When you get your puppy, offer him/her a drink of water and hold him/her on your lap on the way home if at all possible. This will be your first opportunity for bonding and I feel it is very important.


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Puppy Reservation

This  from holds a family's place in line for a litter that is not yet born. They are put on the list based on what they are looking for. 

Deposit of Puppy

This from is used to hold the puppy after picking