About Us

Abbott's German Shepherd dogs, GSD puppy, All Shepherd colors, Long and short coat German Shepherds

Abbott's German Shepherds is a family owned and ran, licensed kennel located in Maricopa, Arizona. All of our breeding dogs are also our family pets. Our dogs are like people having different personalities and talents. Some love to go to town and have people in the stores pet them. Some love to play ball or run with the kids when they go for a ride with us. They run with the horses in the riverbed chasing rabbits and coyotes for extra fun. Some love the show ring and obedience trials. Their personalities and talents are glowing when they strut their stuff. Still others enjoy just laying back and being pillows for the kids while watching TV. Our dogs bring great joy to our lives and we hope to share that with you.

Our goal for our puppies is to be placed as companions, loved and loyal members of a family. Some of these families have taken some of our exceptional dogs and become part of "Search and Rescue " groups, children's 4-H projects, seeing eyes dogs, herding dogs, bomb and drug detection dogs working with police officers and living with the family, pet store models and travel companions. For all the dogs that we have placed and the families they are with, we have OFA certified our adult breeding dogs so that we can do our best to stop the terrible hip dysphasia that seems to plague our amazing breed. We only use dogs that place "good" or "excellent" in the test. As you look through the pages of our site, you may have questions. So, please e-mail or call us. We are always happy to talk about our dogs and help people get just the right German Shepherd for them.