What do we recommend

German Shepherd Dog Trainer and German Shepherd Dog Training

Looking for dog training - 602.618.1854

If you are looking for a trainer in your area we 

also have recommendations in both AZ and CA. 

Whatever your training needs are, we can help or refer you to someone that can. 


German Shepherd Vitamins

Vitamins, Shampoos, and cleaners

We have been using them for years and recommend them to 

anyone with any breed of dog or age.  

To order call 800.474.7044  use the code 17398. 

German Shepherd Dog Food

Dog & Cat food

We have been very happy with their products and so does many of our customers. Call and talk to them and you will know why they are so happy. 

 https://alphadogfood.com/  Use the code agsdogs20 to get 20% off your order


Don't have what you are looking for?

We are friends with other wonderful breeders of GSD and other breeds.

Let us know and we can point you in the right directions. 


German Shepherd Leashes

Leash recommendation