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Ada born Dec 1, 2016

 Ada is a beauty inside and out from her flowing long coat to her zeal for life. She loves to spend time with her person Eliah. If they go horseback riding, jogging or hiking Ada is right there for any adventure. If Eliah decides it's a day to lay in her room and watch a show Ada is ready to cuddle up. Ada will do anything just to be with her person, no treats needed for training sessions, if it makes Eliah happy then Ada is happy! Ada has her CGC title and will be working towards more in the coming months. She is UKC registered, DM tested clear, OFA and OFE certified, vet cleared eyes, heart and blood work done. 




Maxum is Ada's Grandfather father

He is now happily retired in Tucson 


This is Ada's mother, Ylva


Ada's aunt, Esha



This is Ada's father and Rinnie is Volls mother and where the Tin-Tin-Tin comes from.