Abbott's Verena Von Shell,  she is a red, long coat, sable. Her coat being almost entirely red gives her a stunning rare look. In the show ring or just on a walk this girl draws the admiration of many. Verena isn't just stunningly beautiful to look at , this beauty is sharp and ready to please. She draws attention right in and proves her skills, winning top awards every time. She is duel registered with AKC and UKC, additionally, she is OFA and OFE certified on hips and elbows giving security of sound structure. Her pedigree includes American show lines, German Champion lines, both working and show combine for great potential in  her puppies. Her off-spring and pedigree include some amazing service dogs and of-course fantastic family pets!!

Baby and her German Shepherd dog. Sable female all red color long hair

This is Koda, Verena's mother

Bi color long coat German Shepherd female

Verena's sister Tink


Dagger is Veren's neice, Tinks daughter

Long coat handsome German Shepherd male black and red. Dog with his person.

Now this is Verena's father Maxum

He is now retired in Tuscon living the life